Are You Ready for Covenant Partnership?

Covenant partnership is what we call membership at Seneca Creek. We prefer the term partner over member because it reflects our collaborative, interdependent relationships within the body of Christ.

Membership is often seen as exclusive but we see partnership as inclusive. It is not about signing on a dotted line of beliefs, but rather joining a family that is seeking to share Christ with the world and each other. Partners commit to embody the values of our church in active expressions of love and service.

You do not have to be a covenant partner to participate in our community of faith. In fact, the first step towards covenant partnership is active participation within our community of faith. So by all means, get involved, serve, join a group, and meet new friends. There is a place for you here.

For more information about becoming a Covenant Partner, attend Discover Seneca Creek, or stop by the Connection Point desk on Sunday.