Imagine what it would look like if we regularly, faithfully prayed for all kids and students in school. What could happen if we prayed for 30 DAYS STRAIGHT? Imagine the difference in our homes, our kids, our hearts, our families. Imagine the impact on how we approach the challenges of the school year. How would our compassion, patience, hope, joy and peace increase simply by praying?

Beginning on August 28th (the first day of school for MCPS), our social media accounts will be posting a daily verse and prayer prompt for our schools. This is something we want to encourage our entire church to participate in – whether you are a student, parent, teacher, guardian, grandparent or part of the larger church family/village – we all want to see great things happening in our schools and for our kids and families. The creators of this plan put it this way: 

We desire to see our community changed for the better because of the love and support we can provide as the body of Christ. We believe that … we should invite the body of Christ in to engage in prayer for our emerging generations.

30 Days of United Prayer for Schools

To participate, all you have to do is follow our instagram account or “like” our facebook page. We’ll post every morning just after 7am – what a great way to start your day!