According to the Red Cross, someone needs donated blood every TWO SECONDS, and nationwide, we use 36,000 units every single day.

So when the Red Cross contacted us to ask for our help in addressing the critical shortage in blood supply we were quick to say, “Yes!”  We knew our kindhearted church family would rise to the occasion. And rise you did!  

Pastor Jeannette doing her part for the drive!

In just 6 hours, 42 pints of blood were donated. That’s enough to save 126 lives! 

Huge thank you to all those who came out to give!


A Blood Drive may not seem like a very churchy thing to do. It’s hardly spiritual and anyone can do it – you don’t have to believe anything in particular or follow a certain set of rules, or pray a certain prayer. 

And, really, that’s the point. 

See, at Seneca Creek, we’re more concerned with loving our neighbors than being “Churchy.” 

One of our core values states: It’s impossible to be great without serving others. And, while you don’t have to follow Jesus to serve others, you cannot fulfill the call of Jesus to “follow me” without doing exactly that. Jesus demonstrated his love for humanity not only by serving the poor and marginalized but by laying down his life for us all. So if we really want to live according to our true nature, made in His image, we will do the same. 

When we talk about following Jesus, it’s not quite the same as following an Instagram account. This kind of “follow” requires action.  And donating blood can literally give life to our neighbors in need.

With all that in mind, we have scheduled another opportunity for you to give blood! We’ll share more details soon, but for now, mark your calendar for November 10th and the next opportunity to participate in serving others!