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Parents everywhere are struggling to adapt and adjust to the new normal at home… which now includes school. Contrary to popular memes… this is not homeschool – this is quarantine/isolation school. And it’s not easy.

Join us for a critical conversation as we share practical ideas and support and offer encouragement. We will engage with three amazing people:
Cheryl Booth, a homeschool parent experienced with many years, ages, stages from preschool through high school and early college.

Toni Brown, Owner and Director of Children’s House Holly Hill Montessori School, has years of experience particularly focused on preschool and early elementary ages. She is also the founder of Education Matters, an organization that trains educators.

Bob Attrill, Children’s Ministry Director at Seneca Creek, with 20 years of experience working with children of all ages and stages and abilities in changing and adaptable environments. Bob is also the parent of 4 boys!

Feel free to invite friends – you don’t have to attend Seneca Creek (or any church for that matter) to jump in.