Creative Arts

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Worship that reflects our community and the church global

Worship Team

We strongly value relationship as a part of participating and leading worship. Being a part of this team includes one on one conversations with our Creative Arts Pastor, team building and training and community.

We desire to

  • be inclusive in song style, language and faith tradition
  • develop other expressions of worship
  • uphold a posture of shared leadership
  • create intergenerational and cross-cultural spaces of mutuality and hospitality


Actively integrating art, technology & worship

Technology Team

This unique environment offers multiple opportunities to discover and develop new skills, new passions, and new connections. Whether you love video and using cameras to create the perfect shot, fine tuning audio, creating environments with light and projection, there is something here for you. This team truly is an extension of the worship experience and creating an atmosphere of worship both online and in person.

We desire to

  • affirm and strengthen your creativity and skills
  • invite intergenerational leadership
  • create a team environment that works behind the scenes with an attitude of innovation and fun