Converge Groups

Converge Winter Groups 2020

CONVERGE GROUPS are Seneca Creek’s groups of 10-15 people that meet together each week for 1-2 hours in convenient locations across the area. 

These 10-week groups are the perfect place to meet new friends, grow in faith, and learn more about the Bible in a relaxed and fun environment.

Converge registration has closed for this session.

The spring registration will launch in April, 2020.

(Continued – Part 2)

Beginning January 20, 2020

Facilitators: Rosco Lockhart and John Hopkins

Mondays / 7-9pm / Seneca Creek

Men / $17.00

How can the contents of a letter written nearly two thousand years ago have anything to do with me?” some might ask. The truth is that Paul’s letter to the church member of Rome is just as relevant today as the day it was written.

Its central message of justification by faith is needed just as much, as its impact has not faded over the generations. As you walk verse by verse through its chapters and become intimately acquainted with all its wealth, you will learn how God’s plan of salvation, once reserved for the Jews, was now, at long last, open to Gentiles in Rome and upon every corner of the globe.

No matter where you are in your Christian walk, you will receive new insights into age-old foundational doctrines regarding sin, repentance, justification and just how all-encompassing God’s grace truly is.

God’s Story / My Story

Beginning January 21, 2020

Facilitators: Monique Johnson & Judi Medrano

Tuesdays / 7-9pm / Seneca Creek

Women who have completed the Rooted Experience / $15.00

The Story Workbook is a group experience which unpacks your own personal story in light of God’s grand story.

Your purpose is hidden in the subtle nuances and epic events that make up the tapestry of your life. Picking up where Rooted left off, this ten-week session will help you to know and understand your story in its fullness is to know and understand God and His purpose for you.

How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth (Part 1)

Beginning January 21, 2020

Facilitators: Babita Das & Ben Irvin

Tuesdays / 7-9pm / Derwood MD

Men and Women / $14.00

Understanding the Bible isn’t for the few, the gifted, the scholarly. The Bible is accessible. It’s meant to be read and comprehended by everyone from armchair readers to seminary students. A few essential insights into the Bible can clear up a lot of misconceptions and help you grasp the meaning of Scripture and its application to your twenty-first-century life.

This two-part study will cover everything from translational concerns to different genres of biblical writing. In clear, simple language, it helps you accurately understand the different parts of the Bible―their meaning for ancient audiences and their implications for you today―so you can uncover the inexhaustible worth that is in God’s Word.

Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Specific and Strategic Prayer

Beginning January 21, 2020

Facilitators: JoAnne Adams & Linda Loomis

Tuesdays / 7-9 pm / Clarksburg MD

Women / $11.00

You have an enemy . . . and he’s dead set on destroying all you hold dear and keeping you from experiencing abundant life in Christ. What’s more, his approach to disrupting your life and discrediting your faith isn’t general or generic, not a one-size-fits-all. It’s specific. Personalized. Targeted.

This study is your chance to strike back. With prayer. With a weapon that really works. Each chapter will guide you in crafting prayer strategies that hit the enemy where it hurts, letting him know you’re on to him and that you won’t back down. Because with every new strategy you build, you’re turning the fiercest battles of life into precise strikes against him and his handiwork, each one infused with the power of God’s Spirit.

The Screwtape Letters

Beginning January 21, 2020

Facilitators: Chase Douglas

Tuesdays / 7-8:45 pm / Seneca Creek

Young Adults (21 – 35) / $12.00

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a classic masterpiece of religious satire that entertains readers with its sly and ironic portrayal of human life and foibles from the vantage point of Screwtape, a highly placed assistant to “Our Father Below.” At once wildly comic, deadly serious, and strikingly original, The Screwtape Letters is the most engaging account of temptation—and triumph over it—ever written.

In this group designed for young adults between 21 and 35 we hope to grow greater community amongst young adults and explore how God’s Word intersects with this timeless classic to serve as a warning against many common temptations.

No Other Gods

Beginning January 22, 2020

Facilitator: Debbie Burrows

Wednesdays / 7-8:30 pm / Seneca Creek

Women / $14.00

Often, idols are obvious—money, power, fame. But subtler idols can sometimes take the form of sweet loved ones, Instagramable interiors, and busy seasons of ministry.

But if your heart is prioritizing any of those pursuits before God, they are taking up space meant for Him alone.

In this 8-session study, learn to identify the functional gods you are serving daily and the lies they tell. Only when you learn to dethrone modern-day idols can you pursue a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus.

Gospel of John: Jesus the God/Man, (Part 1, Chapters 1-12)

Beginning January 22, 2020

Facilitators: Dianne Jones & Carol Chapple

Wednesdays / 7-9 pm / Seneca Creek

Men and Women / FREE

In the first part of the study of the fourth gospel by John the Apostle, the case for Jesus’ dynamic nature as the God/Man is laid out and the various reactions people had when confronted by this amazing reality.

Bible Study of Spiritual Practices

Beginning January 22, 2020

Facilitator: Katie Ding

Wednesday / 7-8:30 pm / Seneca Creek

Women / FREE

Are you searching for more ways to hear from, experience, and respond to God – individually and communally. Lectio divina, Latin for “divine reading,” is the spiritual practice of devotional reading of Scripture that has existed for over 1,700 years that will help you to learn to pray through scripture.

Practicing the spiritual discipline of lectio divina (silence, reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation) this ten-week group will go deeper into scripture, praise, giving, lament, and forgiveness.

Determined (Nehemiah)

Beginning January 23, 2020

Facilitator: Mary L. Johnson

Thursdays / 7-8:30 pm / VIA ZOOM (online)

Men and Women / $10.00

This study of the book of Nehemiah shows a servant so selfless, a mission so humbling, and a perseverance so admirable that Christians are drawn to a new awe of God. As the leader God calls to mobilize and equip His people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was a man who didn’t know the word no when it came to God’s economy.

God strategically summons the man of Jewish descent from his comfortable high position as Artexerxes’ cupbearer at the palace in Persia to the difficult role as leader of the Jewish remnant. If open to it, readers will hear the Holy Spirit’s direction in their own lives and will surrender themselves to the God who equips them to do all things through His infinite strength.

Be Alert
(2 Peter, 2&3 John, Jude)

Beginning January 23, 2020

Facilitators: Ching Chiao Fan & Peng Cheng Tan

Thursdays / 7:30-9:00 pm / Seneca Creek

Men and Women / $13.00

The world is filled with counterfeits. And the church is not immune, as false ideas and doctrines can infect believers and congregations. So when it comes to spiritual teachers, messages, and movements, how can we tell fact from fiction? The answers are found in 2 Peter, 2 & 3 John, and Jude, where the apostles provide practical insights for discerning truth.

In this study, you’ll discover foundational principles from God’s word that will help you determine the true from the false.

Chase Study Guide: Chasing After the Heart of God

Beginning January 23, 2020

Facilitator: Alicia Marsh

Thursdays / 7-9 pm / Germantown

Young Adult Women (20’s – 30’s) / $10.00

We’re all chasing after something, something that we think will make us happy—comfort, success, a bigger house, or someone’s approval. But if we are all honest, it feels like trying to catch the wind. A man after God’s own heart… As David’s life weaves throughout the pages of Scripture, we see he was a man who spent his life chasing after God. Chase explores the events that defined David’s life and the Psalms that flowed out of those experiences. Through David’s example we’ll discover what God really wants from us.

God has carved out a space in each of us that only He can fill. So whether you are running from God or working your tail off to please Him, David’s journey will challenge your view of God.

God is invisible, and yet He is the only thing we can chase that won’t leave us feeling more empty.

Special Groups: Winter 2020

Developing a Life Plan

January 29th, February 5th, 19th, & 26th
No class on Feb. 12th

Facilitator: Jeannette Cochran

Wednesdays / 7:00 – 8:30 / Seneca Creek

Men & Women / FREE

Living the life you were created for doesn’t happen by chance, it takes intention.

In this 4-session workshop we will walk you through a process of developing a personal life plan. You will explore 10 key ares of life, assessing where you are, developing a vision of where you’d like to be, and a plan for moving in that direction. Best of all, the process is infused with biblical wisdom and tools for seeking the Spirit’s guidance and vision to develop a plan that will lead you to fulfill your unique calling in the Word.

Candid Conversations

March 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th

Facilitator: Sheila Rhodes

Tuesdays / 7:00 – 8:30 / Seneca Creek

Women / $16.00

Life isn’t always sunshine and chocolate. It’s hard. Being a Christian doesn’t change that.

In Candid Conversations you’ll listen to real life stories from real Christian women, and how God has used their struggles to either refine their faith or used their faith to help them weather the storm.

From struggling with doubts to dealing with the loss of a loved one, these women lay it all out. They aren’t afraid to get real, because they know God can use their struggles to inspire, encourage, and reach others all for his glory.

When we share our struggles, when we are real, that’s when we truly point others to Jesus. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get candid.

You Are the Girl for the Job

Beginning February 9, 2020

Facilitator: Joanie Batista & Cheryl Booth

Sundays / Seneca Creek

Women / Book and Study Guide $24.00

You believe (or want to believe) God has called you and given you purpose, but where do you start? How do you get from feeling stuck to making a move? If this sounds familiar, bestselling author Jess Connolly has a message for you: You Are the Girl for the Job.

But this is not simply a peppy catchphrase. This is the straight-up truth God has proclaimed over your life from the beginning, and it’s not dependent on what you can do or achieve but based on His power, capacity, and character.

With passion and heart-pumping hope, Jess shows that being the girl for the job doesn’t depend on your capacity. Rather, it has everything to do with God’s capacity and our willingness. It has everything to do with believing we are who God says we are, and quieting any inferior word spoken against us. Are you ready?