Welcome to the Seneca Creek Family Box!

Inside your box you’ll find a Challenge Card, a Lesson Pack, and an Activity Pack for each child, according to their age.

Here’s how it works:

Step One

Open Your Lesson Pack

The lesson pack will guide you through the online videos (below) and the follow-up activities and discussions to apply those lessons.

Step Two

Open Your Activity Pack

Your activity pack includes one activity per week that directly relates to that week’s lesson.

Step Three

Mark Your Challenge Card

There are three challenges for the week. Complete those challenges by watching the videos and doing the activities. Color in each star as you complete each task. There are also three monthly activities to complete.

Filled in every star? 👏 AWESOME 👏 Take a picture of your completed Challenge Card and either email or text your photo to Brooke Whitson (preschool and elementary) or Bob Attrill (preteen) to claim your prize!

Don’t forget to come back and request a box for next month.


Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four


Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four


Preteen Week One

Preteen Week Two

Preteen Week Three

Preteen Week Four