About Us


In the summer of 1989, two young seminary graduates arrived in Germantown with a vision to plant a church that would reach those who were far from God, those who had decided that the church wasn’t for them.  Using innovative strategies and methods, Seneca Creek launched in October of that year and has effectively shared the gospel ever since.


Over the last 30 years, we developed a reputation as a church that genuinely cared for and served our local community. In 2020, in partnership with local agencies and government entities, we opened Community Hope Center to serve our neighbors battling food insecurity and a lack of essentials for infant and toddler care. Our children’s and student ministries became known for reaching kids and students with a gospel message they could understand and live out.  We developed partnerships with international organizations in Peru, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, and Tanzania. We are reaching communities of every imaginable culture right in our county.  Using technology, we’re beginning to reach communities in other states and other countries.


As exciting as our story has been so far, our future is even more exciting.  God is calling us to step into a larger role in sharing Christ by meeting our world’s physical, financial, relational, and spiritual needs. We are actively working to expand our digital footprint, our on-site community and our Community Hope Center resources. Join us as we write the next chapter in the story of Seneca Creek. We have the chance to write it larger and louder than ever before.